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Echo from Africa
and Other Continents

is a mission magazine founded by Mary Theresa Ledochówska in 1891. It is a bridge uniting two shores, one, which is already evangelized and one which still awaits the Good News.

Throughout the year, Echo from Africa keeps you informed on the life of the local Churches on all the continents, showing you the fruits of evangelization, as well as the problems and current challenges in the mission field.

In the words of Blessed
Mary Theresa Ledochówska,

“The Echo is a voice, a friend of the missions, which speaks out loudly and unceasingly about the needs of missionaries and asks help for them. The more subscribers there are the greater the hope of generous offerings for the missions.”

Go Out to the Whole World

is a biography of Blessed Mary Theresa Ledochówska written by Maria Winowska which sheds a light on the spirituality and unusual missionary vocation of the Foundress of the Missionary Sisters of St. Peter Claver. This book has inspired many whose hearts have been searching for the meaning of life, showing them how to hear and respond to God’s call.

At the Service of a Great Call

is a booklet written by Roland Quesnel, C.S.Sp, and an abridgment of Maria Winowska’s Go Out to the Whole World. It gives the reader an idea about the work and thoughts of Blessed Mary Theresa Ledochówska.