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There is nothing more sublime that gives

glory to God than to cooperate with

Him in the salvation of souls.

Annie Postulancy

The first and most difficult moment for a young woman is when she leaves the world and her way of life behind, and takes a step into a new life in the convent.

After a young women is admitted to the congregation, she begins a period of formation called postulancy. A postulant studies the charism of the congregation and dedicates herself to Christian and spiritual growth, which will lead her to the maturity that will allow her to respond freely to Jesus’ call.

The postulancy period varies in length, according to the needs of a postulant.


When a postulant is ready to continue her response to Jesus’ call, she enters the Novitiate, a period of formation when the Religious life formally begins.

In this two-year program of formation, a novice studies Scripture, spirituality, and other subjects, and deepens her personal relationship with Jesus, which will make her ready to give herself totally to Him through religious vows.

During the second year of novitiate, she engages for two months in the apostolic activity of the congregation.

At the expiration of Novitiate, the novice takes her first religious vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience.

First Vows

On the day a novitiate takes her first vows, she receives:

  • A veil, as the sign of her consecration
  • Constitutions, that will guide her throughout her religious life
  • A crucifix, which reminds her of her special relationship with Jesus, the Savior of the world, who gave His life for her
  • A medal of St. Peter Claver on the red cord, a very specific symbol for a Missionary Sister of St. Peter Claver

The front of the medal depicts St. Peter Claver baptizing a slave. He is the patron whose virtues a Sister will try to imitate. The reverse of the medal bears the monogram of Jesus Christ, as well as the implements of the Passion: the cross and the nails. The red cord serves as a reminder to all of the precious Blood of Jesus, which was shed for all.

This image is ringed with the motto: “There is nothing more sublime that gives glory to God than to cooperate with Him in the salvation of souls.”

Final Profession

After a minimum of six years, a sister makes the final profession of vows and is fully incorporated into the congregation.

Her religious consecration is for the missions, so that all would come to know and love God. She receives a ring, a reminder of her Spousal relationship with Jesus, Whom she is to love with her whole heart.

After her final vows, a Sister continues her formation through daily conversion of heart, prayer life, apostolic updates, and continual growth in the charism of the Foundress.