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The aim of the specific apostolate of the Sisters is to cooperate wholeheartedly in the building of the Kingdom of God in the world, especially among the poorest and marginalized, by means of continuous prayer, the gift of self and mission activity.

The Sisters are at the service of the Missionary Church. They form and inform, animate and stimulate prayer, sacrifice, missionary vocations and material help, the precious fruit of ecclesial collaboration between sister Churches.

They bring missionary awareness to the children, the young, the families, the sick, and the elderly everywhere.

The apostolate takes the following forms:

Prayer and consecrated life for the missionary church
Correspondence with thousands of missionaries and mission benefactors
Editing mission magazine Echo from Africa in 7 languages
Organizing mission meetings
Leading mission recollection days and mission retreats
Organizing vocation prayer meetings
Giving mission talks to various groups
Forming mission groups
Animating children with missionary zeal
Together with coworkers organizing activities with mission proceeds
Channeling donations to the poorest missions around the word to help with:

Training priests, catechists, sisters…
Building and repairing churches, chapels…
Providing liturgical items – chalices, vestments…
Printing Bibles and other catechetical materials
Assisting the refugees, poor, hungry, homeless, sick…
Supporting projects promoting the dignity of women…
Helping to fund the “self-reliance” projects
Many other needs of the missionaries…