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Donate to the Cancer Center

Asks Fr. George Arackal, VC, Superior General from Kochi, Kerala, India

On behalf of the Vincentian Congregation, I request your help for the expansion of the De Paul Care Center for Cancer Patients. Our Congregation was founded in Kerala, India, in 1904.

Our mission is to preach the Gospel to the poor, especially to the rural people, and to minister to them through educational, social, and charitable activities. Our generalate is situated in Kerala, in southwestern India. We have 511 professed members working in 87 houses and centers in 41 dioceses in India and in four dioceses in East Africa.

The Vincentian Congregation remembers with sincere gratitude the support, concern, and love that you have given us in the past, and we approach you once again for help with this project.

We are planning to add a third floor to our cancer center, which was first opened at Trivandrum, India, in 1993. At the time, we prepared for the possibility of an additional floor being added at a later date, and so all the necessary infrastructure is already in place. The additional 3,000 sq. ft. the extra floor would give us is now urgently needed.

Each year our De Paul Cancer Care Center provides low cost accommodations and meals to 2,500 poor cancer patients and their accompanying family members while they receive treatment at the Regional Cancer Research Center attached to the Medical College in Trivandrum. Presently, we can only accommodate up to 60 cancer patients and family members at a time, but the number of people hoping to be admitted to our center is growing all the time, and we are required to turn people away.

Some patients stay with us for as long as three weeks, depending on the nature of the treatment they are receiving at the hospital. During their stay, we provide lunch and dinner, except on Sundays, in addition to accommodations and other facilities, asking for only a small amount to help cover our expenses for water and electricity. In addition, we offer counseling to patients who are depressed. Being poor, the patients are unable to seek accommodations at other places where they would be charged.

We humbly ask for any help you would be able to provide to help us cover some of the expenses of the additional floor, furnishings, and the addition of an elevator. We are also seeking help from other sources and we will make use of our own resources.

We thank you in advance, and hope that you would consider this project most favorably.

If you would like to contribute to the above project, please send your donation to:

Missionary Sisters of St. Peter Claver
265 Century Ave.
Saint Paul MN 55125