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Thank You!

From Fr. Raymond Marszalkowski, Mitunguu, Kenya

With great joy and gratitude, we received your generous donation for the construction of a new church at Mitunguu and for the purchase of a new car. All of the Christians here share in our joy over your gift and offer their prayers for you. Every Saturday, we offer the Holy Eucharist for you through the intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. We also offer daily adoration of the Blessed Sacrament for you, giving thanks to God for the gift of your generous hearts.

Because of heavy rains, news of your help came very late; the roads are becoming impassable and letters rarely get through at these times. But we are very grateful to God for the rain; it brings us hope for the future. The rains did not come last rainy season and the people were unable to harvest anything. Many people are now suffering from hunger and will have no relief until the next harvest.

In spite of the poor harvest, we do not complain of hunger, but rather, strive to practice charity by sharing the little we have with those who have nothing. Our parish collects the goods and distributes them among the poorest: the handicapped, the aged, those without families, and the sick and abandoned. It is a wonderful reward to share with them and to witness their faces radiating joy and gratitude for the little we can offer them. They are so grateful, even for just a visit, especially the lepers who have been abandoned even by their families out of fear. When we went to an elderly woman of the parish who is sick to give her some legumes to eat, her first response was to immediately try to get up to call her neighbor to share the food with her, explaining that the neighbor lady had not eaten in three days. Yesterday, we brought a shirt, a pair of shoes and some food to a blind man. He took the clothes and put them on while saying over and over, “Shoes, shirt, food. May God be always glorified.” He touched the clothes gently as if to be able to remember the moment forever.

Your charity is the source of the charity which springs up among us. May God bless you for that!

Thanks to the generosity of our benefactors, the faithful in Mitunguu worship God in this new church!

Fr. Peter Hoang Anh Ngoi, Tam Trang and Cay Lim Parishes, Vietnam

The parishioners and villagers living in the vicinity of Tam Trang and Cay Lim parishes thank you for your help in building wells. The project was completed much earlier, but I have been unable to write before now.

We initially planned to construct a water pipe from a stream to the villages, but we had to abandon the idea after the water became polluted by nearby construction and quarry work. The villagers and parishioners then came together to discuss the critical water situation and finally decided to dig a number of wells in central areas of the two villages.

This year, the water problem has been particularly bad because of a long drought. In fact, finding clean water has been a problem for many generations in this area. The families are very poor, and in the past they have been using whatever muddy water they could find for bathing and cooking. Now, with the wells, even if they have to walk a distance to reach them, they are happy to have clean water to use. We were able to build a total of 13 wells with the money you gave us. The villagers also helped as far as they could.

In addition, we were able to purchase and distribute food, blankets, and mosquito nets and provide money for medicine to the most needy families. We thank you for your generosity. We pray that God will bless you and the Blessed Mother keep you in her prayers.