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Answered Prayers


Some time ago, one of our friends phoned asking for our prayers. Tormented by asthma her daughter Maria, who was four months pregnant, was taken to the hospital. Her condition was serious. After being examined and assured that the medication prescribed would not jeopardize the pregnancy, she was discharged from the hospital. The next day a severe hemorrhage occurred and Maria was again taken to the hospital. The doctors, including the specialists, lost all hope of saving the life of the baby. Maria wept in desperation. She and her husband wished so much to have a child.

A friend consoled her, “Don’t cry, I will phone the Sisters of St. Peter Claver and ask them to pray for you.”

On receiving the phone call, the whole community of Sisters went to the chapel and prayed, asking Blessed Mary Theresa Ledochowska to intercede with God to save the lives of the desolate mother and her baby

Maria’s critical condition suddenly improved. The doctors, who until then had lost all hope of saving the child, confirmed that the baby was alive. Maria returned home the same day without any need for medication.

Blessed Mary Theresa obtained for her two favors: the hemorrhage ceased and the asthma has not returned.

A Sister of St. Peter Claver

Heartfelt thanks for your prayers for our daughter during her recent serious illness. Her condition, thank God, suddenly improved and both she and the baby are well. Words are not sufficient to express the gratitude of my daughter and son-in-law for God’s help in a situation where the best specialists were unable to do anything. We wish to have a subscription to the Echo from Africa for all our children.

Mrs. G.C.

Last year on Good Friday I had an accident and fractured my collarbone in multiple places. I was dismayed at the prospect of a prolonged period of forced inactivity. To my great delight, and the marvel of the doctor, after a Novena to Blessed Mary Theresa, the fracture healed and I could use the arm normally again! I am deeply indebted to Blessed Mary Theresa for this and several other lesser favors.

Sr. M. P.

I had a dream during the night about the Sisters of St. Peter Claver and their Foundress, Blessed Mary Theresa Ledochowska, who said to me, “Send the money you intend to spend on a picnic to my daughters to give them joy for the 6 th of July.”

On awakening, I couldn’t remember what feast falls on the 6 th of July. In the afternoon, while looking for a book in the library, I read something that gave July 6 th as the anniversary of the death of your Foundress. Therefore, I am sending you the donation I intended to spend for the picnic. Buy what you think would be best. I am happy to fulfill the wish of your Foundress. The picnic I was to attend will be on the 4 th of July, but I already phoned to tell them that I am not coming. It would cost exactly as much as I am sending you.


So ends the letter; yet the story continues. Alas, a tragic car accident occurred on July 4 involving the very car the subscriber would have been traveling in to get to the picnic. Two passengers were killed and others were seriously injured. It is easy to imagine what an impression this incident made on the lady who gave up the enjoyment of a picnic to donate her money for the feast day. She understands that Blessed Mary Theresa Ledochowska saved her from imminent death, and has ever since felt indebted to her.

I wish to thank Blessed Mary Theresa Ledochowska not only for the grace of health but of life. I have had three heart attacks and four surgeries. Each day I pray to Blessed Mary Theresa. I am convinced that it is thanks to her intercession that I am alive! Please pray for me.


Please publish in Echo from Africa my thanksgiving to Blessed Mary Theresa Ledochowska. For 30 years my son was an alcoholic. He has just recently written to me a beautiful letter in which he asks pardon from the whole family and me for the wrong he has done to us. How many tears we shed for him! It has been two years since he stopped drinking: such conversion could take place only by God’s grace.

A missionary told me once that a person could bite the roots off a tree with her teeth easier than convert an alcoholic. I said then with profound faith: “You, God, have your ways and can find a solution even in this situation, because with you all things are possible. Dear God, make my children holy.”


After my heart surgery and hospitalization, I feel quite well. I am indebted to Blessed Mary Theresa Ledochowska. I also wish to thank the Missionary Sisters of St. Peter Claver for their prayers, and to ask for their continuance. Enclosed is my subscription to Echo from Africa .

K.M. (Promoter)

I take this opportunity to join all those who have been granted favors through Blessed Mary Theresa. I did not know her until the Echo from Africa came into our home. Almost right away, we were answered so generously through her intercession – a position that our son needed . S he even got the favor ahead of time! As promised, I am sending a donation for the missions.

J. Q.

Please accept this donation in thanksgiving for a favor received through the intercession of Blessed Mary Theresa. My sister was ill and prayed to Mary Theresa to make her well. Thanks be to God, the Blessed Virgin and Blessed Mary Theresa s he is well again.

Mrs. F.L.

I wish to thank Blessed Mary Theresa Ledóchowska for taking good care of my son during his difficult six months foreign assignment. I asked her to be his protectress and to watch over him. I was not disappointed. My son experienced her special protection in situations of a great risk and danger. Once more I would like to express my most sincere thanks. May the Church raise her soon to the altars as a Saint.

Mrs. R. L.


I am enclosing a postal order for you to use where it is most needed. As promised, it is in thanksgiving to Blessed Mary Theresa for a safe confinement for my granddaughter and for other favors received.


You will find enclosed my thanksgiving donation in honor of Blessed Mary Theresa Ledochowska for many favors received. We also pass her picture on to people in trouble and needing help. My son has a picture in his car, and said she helps him.


Enclosed is an offering for your priests in gratitude to dear Blessed Mary Theresa. I had searched for a lost bankbook , and then lost hope. I promised this [offering] if it was found. Shortly afterward, my daughter piped up, “ Oh, here it is ,” even though I had searched in the same place many times before.


United Kingdom

Thanksgiving for a great favor received from prayers to Blessed Mary Theresa. Thanks to her our car is on the road again after an accident . The impossible was accomplished!

L. F.

I promised publication if Mary Theresa obtained a very special intention . I am so happy to say it has been granted . To me it is a miracle ! Enclosed is a small donation in thanksgiving. I will send more when I can.


My grateful thanks to Blessed Mary Theresa! My second daughter- in-law, who has a chronic kidney condition, gave birth to a boy after a very difficult pregnancy. I promised publication and a donation to the missions.


A young man was unable to get a job owing to his medical history. I said the Novena to Blessed Mary Theresa. After saying the novena, I have received the good news that he is to start a job as an accountant . Please publish my thanksgiving!

Miss F.B.


I prayed a novena to Blessed Mary Theresa Ledochowska for my granddaughter. Within a short time after completing my novena, I received the answer to my prayers.

When I first saw Blessed Mary Theresa’s picture on a prayer card, I found in her such a remarkable resemblance to my granddaughter Natalie. I decided right there: she is the one who will help my granddaughter. And she did!

I am interested in finding out more about Blessed Mary Theresa. Please send me her biography.



I had heart pains and suffered shortness of breath. In my need, I prayed to Blessed Mary Theresa Ledochowska and promised an offering for the missions. Now I can say that the severe pains disappeared and I am able to work again. Enclosed is my promised donation. Please publish in the Echo from Africa .



I wish to have my thanksgiving published in your magazine Echo from Africa . I feel sure Blessed Mary Theresa has helped me many times with my bad state of nerves. I feel at times that I will have a mental collapse, but thank God and Blessed Mary Theresa I receive the needed strength to carry on. God bless!



Mrs. Mallia’s sister had a severe car accident and was about to lose one of her legs. I gave her my picture of Mary Theresa; her sister prayed fervently. Now her leg is slowly healing.

Miss D.M

My sister had an angina attack, and in her confusion removed the two rings from her finger and forgot about them. Later, all the family looked everywhere but could not find them. She prayed to St. Anthony, however I told her to pray to Blessed Mary Theresa too.

After four months I was thinking, “This time I am not going to be heard.” That same day, my sister phoned to say her husband had found both rings in a place he had previously searched . My thanks to God and Mary Theresa!


Thanksgiving to Blessed Mary Theresa for the success of my husband’s operation !

Mrs. M.C.

New Zealand

Enclosed is a donation in thanksgiving to Blessed Mary Theresa for a favor received. As we were moving from Auckland, we wanted an urgent sale for our property . In a very short time, we received just that .


I am pleased to tell you that I had my last visit to the hospital. My doctor sent me to a surgeon who specializes in ulcers, and my leg is healed! Thanks for your prayers and relic of Blessed Mary Theresa who I prayed to each day. Enclosed is a small donation in thanksgiving.


My prayers to Our Lady, Mary Theresa Ledochowska and Maximillian Kolbe asking for their help in selling my house quickly were answered. As promised, I have enclosed a donation, which I would like you to send to the poor people in South Africa. Could you please publish the above in your magazine Echo from Africa?


Enclosed is a check as a thanksgiving offering for the cure of my varicose ulcers . For one week now, I haven’t had any pain, the first time for nearly nine years when I had a temporary cure for about 3 months. This time I hope it will be longer. I attribute it to Mary Theresa and your prayers.


You sent me a relic and prayer of Blessed Mary Theresa for my grandson who was suffering from perthes disease of the hip. After 2 years and 8 months in a plaster cast, he now walks without so much as a limp! Please publish. Donation for the missions is enclosed with gratitude.

Mrs. B.M.

Enclosed is a check as a ‘thank you’ for my husband’s recovery . Three weeks ago he was taken into the hospital and I was told to notify all my family as they gave him a very poor chance of surviving. I am sure my prayers to Blessed Mary Theresa were answered!


Please accept this donation to help with your good works. I have received many favors through Blessed Mary Theresa for our family . Please publish this in Echo from Africa.

Mrs. M.G.

I enclosed a donation in thanksgiving for the intercession of Blessed Mary Theresa for success in university examinations. I will always pray to Blessed Mary Theresa for help and guidance for the future.


I give special thanks to Blessed Mary Theresa for the sale of my house. I asked for her intercession that it would be sold by a certain date. The sale was completed a few days sooner than the chosen date! Thank you, Blessed Mary Theresa, for looking after me so well in so many ways!

Mrs. J.M.


I lost my car keys and the Catholic Club and Musicians badges . Immediately, my mental application to St. Anthony commenced. Then, sitting on side of the bed, I glanced at the book Two Open Hands Ready to Give and made my first request to Blessed Mary Theresa. The same day I put my hand into a small pocket of a handbag, which I had previously completely emptied and there they were! This may seem a trivial matter; not to be compared with cancer cures and restored eyesight, but to me, it is a great favor.


Please publish my thanks to Blessed Mary Theresa Ledochowska. I asked her for help and promised this donation to help the missions. I received the ” Echo from Africa and other continents” from the church. I will send a subscription to receive this book regularly.


I am 76 years of age. Two months ago I had three operations and was seriously ill . I prayed to Blessed Mary Theresa to help me. I promised a donation for the missions. Now I am feeling better , so I am fulfilling my promise.

Mrs. M.T.


I thank Blessed Mary Theresa for what she has done in our home, most specifically during the time of court proceedings against me. I requested her to take up the matter and finalize it.


I thank Blessed Mary Theresa Ledochowska for all the good things she has done for me in the past. I can’t forget to thank her for protecting my parents.

Miss B.M.

I enclosed another donation in thanksgiving for the favor obtained through the intercession of Blessed Mary Theresa Ledochowska. I have much confidence in her and I entrust to her my petitions and needs.

Mrs. I.St.