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News From Sudan 1

Greetings from Sudan!

Currently I am in Yei, taking a little time away from life in Goli with friends.  It is our mid-term break for the children’s school as
well as the college.  Liz returned on Tuesday from Nairobi.  She had an amoeba for a long time so it took two doses of medication to kill the amoeba.  She returned home much stronger than when she left, thank you all so much for your prayers.  It was different being in Sudan without her, she is such a blessing, and while it was good to have time alone, I could see even more clearly the tremendous blessing that she as been in my life this year.  It was difficult being without her.

Along with the women’s program beginning it seems that the dry season is also beginning.  It is HOT – certain days…like the face of the sun.  Just kidding, that will come in February.  I like the hot weather though, all of your laundry dries and there is no mud, and the sunsets are incredible.

The past 3 weeks I have been teaching English to the Pastor’s wives in the morning and then the children in the afternoon.  It has been an interesting few weeks.  It is so good to have the women’s program running again, I love teaching the women who struggle the most with English.  I love it when they succeed, the look they get in their eyes when they know they have communicated well.  They are incredible women, some traveling for days with their young children to get to
Goli for the classes.

Because Liz has been in Nairobi and sick I have been teaching the children alone in the afternoon.  It has been interesting, there have been many lectures from the women’s and men’s training program who have volunteered to help me.  The lectures have been from the U.K. to Kenya to Sudan and it is so good for the students to see people interested in them and willing to invest time in them.  I have also had to rely a lot on the older kids, who know English well to help me with logistics like getting the water, mats, school supplies out of the trailer, and supervising art activities.  The older kids have really stepped up and I think that they feel even more ownership in the school because their help is needed.

This week at school was good the school supplies, books, and games that have been donated are such a blessing.  We taught connect four, uno, jigsaw puzzles, had glue glitter art projects, made butterflies with coffee filters and pipe cleaners, and played Frisbee and catch with baseballs.  This week I also began sharing the story of creation with the kids, one day at a time.  It is a challenge with my broken Arabic, but with my Sudanese friends helping me with words and books that we have I am praying that I can express the awesome power of the One True God to the kids.

All in all I am well, these past few days without Liz were difficult and I am continuing to pray for the Lord’s guidance in my life for the coming year.  I am planning to return to Sudan from Feb-May, I know that it will be difficult without Liz there are so many things I love but so many hard things as well.   I just trust that the Lord knows the future and His plans, whatever they may be are the BEST. Please continue to pray for the Lord’s guidance, that he would show me the way in which to go and that I would be obedient.

Again thank you for all of your prayers, please continue to pray for:

Women’s program – women’s health and understanding
Unity among lecturers in Goli
Kids and the community school
Future of the community school – for volunteer teachers to be led to Goli Safety

Again thank you for your prayers, they are powerful!  I also wanted to mention that Liz and I will be returning to the US November 29, and that if anyone knows anyone in the MPLS area who knows of any ELS job opportunities or housing opportunities she is looking to begin her life in MPLS when she returns to the US.  Also if you know of anyone who may be interested in teaching we me in Sudan – so even a short time next year please given them my contact information.  Thank you.

I hope and pray that you are well and I thank you for your tremendous support this year.