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News From Sudan 2

it is so good to be writing an email again to you all.  as i wrote in my last email the computer that liz and i have been using is still
being repaired so i am at an internet cafe in yei writing to you now. i hope and pray that you are all well, and are enjoying the summer. it is hard to imagine that is it getting hot there again, here it is cool in the evenings now, a far cry from the hot nights of feb. when we first arrived.

Things are going well, liz and i have been teaching at the school that we began for exacty 28 days.  it has been such a joy and privaledge to teach these kids.  every morning they are waiting for us at the door, we play outside for about 20 minutes until the rest of the kids arrive and then have a morning meeting with all the students, after that we divide into the big kids and the little kids and practice speaking in English and letter activities, we all take a break and teach a game to the kids, then we come back to class for listening to a book and doing some type of craft activity.  everyday is different though, but it has been such a joy to watch these kids change throughout the course of this month.  kids who used to come to class and looked to timid and
shy, now are running up to us smiling saying good morning teacher.

This week i went on a run after school with a friend of mine, i saw about 15 of my students and it was so fun to greet there families and really become familiar with where they live. i am still teaching the women who work in the kitchen and they have treated my like their sister and their daughter.  they are leaving for the months of july and august and i will miss them very much.  they
laugh so readily and always are giving me treats from the kitchen – fresh ground peanut butter, mandazies, chipaties, and nyonno…flying ants! -which taste pretty good when they are dried and fried!

Things are going well, i am constantly amazed at what a blessing liz is in my life, the lord has been so faithful in creating a solid
relationship between us.  so many nights after we have gone into our mosquito nets we laugh and laugh and laugh into the night.   laughter is such a gift. eventhough things here are becoming so routine, there is such beauty and such struggle in everday.  i am learning that the lord is with me, here more than ever before i need to know that that is true everyday.
on days when i feel overwhelmed or discouraged it is amazing to thing that Jesus is with me, and that if He is with me – then i am in the most exciting place and than nothing is to much to handle.
Thank you all so very much for your prayer support, i apologize so
very much that i have not been able to email, after the month of july
i will have access once a week again hopefully!  but again thank you
for your prayers i appreciate them more than you know.
please continue to pray for:

the school, the kids, creativity in planning lessons
health – liz and i have both been sick off and on
security – we have been hearing of lra movement nearby, please pray that our students and staff will remain safe
liz and i that we would continue to have energy and strength and be an encouragement to eachother and those around us!

I hope and pray that you all are doing well, thank you for all of your support, i wish with all of my heart that you could come to Sudan and spend a day at school with us, you would fall in love with these kids – there enthusiasm to learn, the sweet way that they are, the funny things that they do.
In His Grip,