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Dear friends,
I apologize for not writing in such along while.  Next month I will have a working computer, so I will be able to email more frequently.
Currently I am on holiday and am meeting up with my mom and older brother tomorrow in Kampala!  I am so excited to see them.  Things in Sudan are going well.  The rainy season in coming along now and is almost in full swing.  It was getting so cold at night that I was even begining to sleep with my socks on and under three blankets.  Some nights I could hardly believe I was in the same Sudan where it was so hot at night I couldn’t even fall asleep.  Everything is green now!The grass in the bush is well over my head and still growing.

We closed school for a one month holiday on June 26th.  We have had a total of 45 days of school and it is amazing to look at the progress that the kids have made, Liz and I are both so proud of them.  We have a consistent 70 that come and about 15 that come in and out on a daily basis.  They are confident when they speak English and they know what they are saying.  We have been doing many different activities to teach language and other skills to the kids.  I modeled an art activity for the kids by painting one hand blue and the other yellow. When I mixed my hands together they were so interested and just stared when both of my hands turned green.  They then chose two primary colors and did the same thing.

The Lord has also provided a small staff to work with our kids. Christine a preschool teacher from Kenya began working with the
younger kids, I have the next class, Liz has the older kids, and Hendrik a middle school teacher from South Africa began working with
our kids that were a lot older.  The Lord provides in amazing ways. Hendrik and Christine will not be able to stay with us the entire
time, but it has been nice to have their help.

The most rewarding thing about teaching is getting to know these kids and their families.  There are two brothers, Calaro and Nufe, who come to school almost everyday.  When they first started coming they were so shy and you could barely get them to smile, they wouldn’t even participate in outdoor games.  Now they are two of our most confident students.   They are smiling and playing, Calaro was even playing soccer with other boys.

These past few months in Sudan have been different than the first. There is very few staff around so it was very quite.  Everyday at
school I am streched.  It seems that I try to do things in my own strength so often and when I come to the end of myself then I realize
that I can’t do, and that my strength is not sufficient but His alone is.  I wonder if I have written this many times to all of you, but it
seems that I am learning this same lesson over and over again.

Thank you all for your prayers please continue to pray for:

Our students – that they would know the Lord, learn English quickly
Our health – Liz and I have both been battling colds and malaria
Future teachers – coming out to serve in Sudan so that the community school can continue

I hope and pary that you are all doing well.  I will have email access off and on this month so I would love to hear how you all are

In His Grip,