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Support the Missions


The Christian who lives out his faith and observes the commandment of love, widens the confines of his activity to embrace all men and women through spiritual cooperation, consisting of prayer, sacrifice and witness:

Prayer must accompany the path and work of missionaries, so that the announcement of the Word may be made fruitful by divine grace. Jesus himself spoke of the need “to pray always” (Lk 18:1) and gave witness through the sacrifice of his very life. As disciples of Christ, let us too offer our life to God, through Christ, the first missionary.

Sacrifice, accepted with faith and born with Christ, has a salvific value. Because the sacrifice of missionaries needs to be shared and sustained by that of the faithful, everyone who suffers in mind or body can become a missionary, if he or she offers that suffering with Jesus to the Father. The prayer and the sacrifice of the sick take on great value when their suffering is intimately associated to the Passion of Christ. Those who are dedicated to the care of the sick will not fail to instruct them and encourage them to offer their suffering in union with Christ Crucified for the salvation of the world (cf. Redemptoris Missio , n. 78).

The witness of a Christian life-style, is a silent but efficacious way of preaching God’s word. The men and women of today, who seem indifferent to the search for the Absolute, really feel a deep need for it and they are attracted and moved by holy people who reveal the Absolute by their example.

Personal Commitment

Personal commitment consists of solidarity and sharing of aid and material goods for the
mission ad gentes . Many of our brothers and sisters around the world, mostly living in mission
lands, are in need of everything. Missionaries need immense resources, not only for the work of
evangelization, which is their primary work, but also for the work of human promotion, which
always accompanies every mission.

The Union of Masses

To all who will enroll in this union, by taking part in this holy apostolate, I impart with all my
heart the apostolic blessing. (Pope Pius X April 14, 1909.) Click here for the enrollment and offerings form.

Mass Stipend

Your Mass offering is a special help to mission priests, poor themselves in the service of the poor. It helps provide daily support of the missionaries and their ministries.

What a wonderful way to give remembrances and tributes to loved ones, both living and deceased! Both those who have a Mass offered and those for whom a Mass is offered partake of the grace of the Eucharistic sacrifice in a special way.

Mass stipends are also a great way to contribute to the mission work of the Church. When the missionary priest celebrates Mass for your intentions, he unites you with himself and his congregation – a clear sign of the universality of the Church. There is a great need of Mass stipend offerings as there are usually more requests from priests than can be fulfilled.

Gift Planning

Regardless of the size of your Estate, creating a current, valid Last Will is one of the most important steps in careful planning for your loved ones and for any charitable organizations you may wish to support. There are three ways to include a bequest in your Will:

  • In a specific bequest a donor may specify either a fixed amount or a percentage of their Estate.
  • In a residual bequest you may direct a portion or the balance of your Estate to the Church after providing for your family and friends and other beneficiaries.
  • In a contingent bequest the Church receives all or a portion of your Estate in the event of a prior death of certain other beneficiaries.

General Needs

Some of the most pressing needs in the support of pastoral development include:

  • Repair and construction of churches and chapels;
  • Formation and material support of catechists, priests, deacons, and candidates to the priesthood;
  • Publication of Bibles, catechisms, and other liturgical books in local languages.

It is also necessary to support human development and restore human dignity to the poor by providing humane living conditions and reintegrating those living on the margins of society through:

  • Training and education,
  • Promotion of women,
  • Healthcare and medical service.

Urgent Needs

Following natural disasters and during times of war, famine, drought, and other unexpected tragedies, missionaries are faced with urgent needs. By being involved in missions, you constantly make a difference.