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Very Very Hot Sudan

Greetings from a very, very HOT Sudan – or what I lovingly call “the face of the sun!”

It has been 2.5 weeks since I arrived here.  Although it is the same place that I lived all of last year many things are different now.  It is the dry season – in full swing, all of the plants look like they have either died or been dusted with red dirt.  I enjoy that my clothes dry quickly and after I shower it feels like a warm blanket is being wrapped around me, and the nights are still cool.  I don’t enjoy that I sweat ALL of the time though, it is hot and I think I forgot worn-out you can become from being in the sun a lot.

When I arrived back in Sudan I taught the women for the first week and this week I began with the women and the children.  It has been so fun seeing everyone especially the kids again.  The way that they would greet me was more than I deserve.  Last week I went to visit the home of 6 of my students, when they saw me they started talking, then as I walked closer to their home and started to move a little quicker, they came running and this little boy named Manuel just wrapped his arms around my waist!  It has been so good seeing all of them.  There are currently 2 other teachers who may be helping me, but only one helped this week, so it was overwhelming, on Thursday I had 84 kids. Some of the students are new, which is hard in ways because I feel like I have
to start from scratch.

I am living with the nurse Rose, who is Sudanese and my age, we were together in the BIG tukul all of last year.  I really enjoy living with her.  This is kind of a short email, but I really wanted to write and ask you to pray.  I am doing well here, but it is difficult being without Liz, I miss her even more than I imagined I would.  I know that the Lord has called me here for this time.  Please know that your prayers are invaluable and I am so grateful for them. Please pray –

For the school, it’s continuation, and working with these new teachers
For the Mundu community
For strength
For me to really seek the Lord when I am struggling in Goli, really go to the Word

It is crazy how I am forced to go to the Lord, where I should go in the first place!  He tells us to “Come to Me” yet so often I go
anywhere but him, now I have nowhere else to go, and I should be rejoicing in that, because finally I will go to the only ONE who truly has all that I could ever want and need and the ONE who will never disappoint.

In His Grip,

I hope and pray that you are all well and I thank you again for your
support in this.