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Greetings From Sudan

Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you for all of your prayers, especially concerning my meeting with the chief. I have to admit coming back and having conflicts within the community has been difficult – but it was so good to have this opportunity to talk with the chief. Two Sudanese friends of mine, Michael (dean of students) and Newton (head of the English program) accompanied me on my meeting.

We went to the chief’s house and waited for him to arrive. All of his children come to school faithfully, and have continued even with this other school opening. During my meeting the chief formally thanked me for coming to the community and starting something here which was such an encouragement, he said that if I had any problems in the future to go to him, he told me that many parents were sending their kids to my school instead of this other school, because they have seen that this man has not followed through with the school.

Thank you again for your prayers! Currently, the other school I think has closed, because the children of the other school teacher are now attending my school again. I missed them! I have 80 students again, with three teachers! Which is such a blessing. The days have been going well, we are going through Bible stories chronologically in the morning and will finish Noah’s Ark tomorrow. It is exciting to share these stories with the kids, it is exciting to remember these stories myself – our God is unlike any other God – living, powerful, and LOVING. In this place often it does not seem that power and love go hand in hand.

It is hot here – HUMID – but I am still doing well in the tent and I will stay there as long as I can because of the privacy – and quiet. I have a good story to share. This week was teaching when a friend of mine stopped by on his motorbike and told me there were baby leopards that poachers were trying to sell in Goli.

After school I found 2 baby leopards about 2 weeks old sleeping in a basket. My friend and his wife had taken the babies from the smugglers and were going to try to find a place to raise the leopards. SO early this week I was sleeping outside in a tent in Southern Sudan about 50 feet away from 2 leopards (only 2 weeks old – but still. Anyway the leopards were taken by the police the following day. Life is crazy here sometimes.

Thank you again for all of your prayers, I appreciate them more than you know. Please continue to pray for – The community and the children – that Christ’s light will SHINE in the Mundu community Strength – I have not been feeling very well – just a cold Tara and Stephanie the girls from AIM who are coming out to take my place in August My obedience to the Lord in following him, especially as I plan to leave Sudan Thank you so very much again for all of your prayers and support.

Love, In His Grip,